TeddyWalter.com was influenced by my silly, furball dog named Teddy Walter. Teddy inspired me to create a one stop shop for all your doggy service and entertainment needs.


I find that everywhere I go, people are consistently  spending money on a variety of pet services that are both necessary and extravagant to dog care. People simply love to pamper their furry best friends. Teddy Walter was started with one mission in mind. We wanted to entertain our users while providing them with valuable information about the pet service providers in their community. In order to do so, we added the ability for the pet service providers to advertise their business and brand on our website, enabling them to connect with their customers or prospective customers.


Teddy Walter is a media source for entertainment, advertising, marketing, and retail, that connects dog lovers to valuable information related to dog services and products. Our platform enables users to browse the latest stories, blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, pet service business reviews, pet products and accessories, that are fun, informative, useful, and helpful for any dog lover.


Teddy Walter offers a suite of advertising solutions for businesses in the pet service industry while covering a wide range of doggy entertainment and news for your pleasure.


We believe in the importance of delivering quality content that will keep our users engaged and satisfied. This is accomplished by blending a variety of topics including dog stuff, sports, news, pop culture, trending topics, and much more.


We call it Dog Stuff, etc…..


Teddy Walter invites everyone to be a part of our team by submitting your own dog experiences to be published and shared with the world. Simply click here to share your story.


Our Business Directory provides information and feedback on the dog service businesses in your area. Users can simply enter their zip code to search local groomers, boarding, vets, walkers, sitters, trainers, day camp, and more.  Other people’s feedback and reviews will facilitate you in making an informed decision in choosing the right service provider to keep your dog the healthiest and happiest.

If you own a dog service business, or sell products/goods for dogs, you can learn more about our advertising options by clicking here.


Our Local Dog Directory allows puppy owners to search and interact with others in their geographical area to set up playdates and to meet other dog minded people. You can get started by creating your personal profile here.


Teddy Walter is the perfect website for the dog lover and we hope that you take advantage of all the entertainment and tools we offer to bring your puppy loving experience to the next level!


Everyone here at Teddy Walter would like to thank you for stopping by and we look forward to you being a part of our family!


~Teddy Walter