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How To Handle Dog Pee From Nervous Tinklers

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Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

The Tinkler

The dog pictured above is Roy. I’ve mentioned Roy before in a previous post Loyalty Makes You Family And This Breed Has Great Devotion. He’s made a huge impact on my family and this time, I wanted to talk about something else that was going on behind the scenes. Roy tinkled (urinated) like crazy. His owner forgot to mention this when we had our meet and greet, our first time meeting. My husband and I found out when we stayed alone with him for the first night.


Everywhere he went, a trail of pee followed behind him. The house eventually started smelling like pee very strongly and I wanted to avoid that, so we mopped. We mopped like crazy. We mopped every 15 minutes it felt like. This way, we made sure there was no reason for the house to smell. It still did. It’s as if the pee sunk into the floor and stained it.



Yes, we were able to get rid of the smell. It only took about an hour of steam mopping, GLAD Plug Ins, carpet cleaner and incense for about a few days.

The Glad Plug ins worked great for the entrance, but the rest of the house didn’t smelled as good. It mainly only protects the area it’s next to. We needed it to cover the entire house because the odor was so strong. We put one in front of the door because that’s where the odor was strongest. Roy would tinkle off of excitement and every time we came back home, he tinkled.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

This is the carpet cleaner we used to get most of the odor out of our carpet. Noticed how I said, “most.” I think we might just have to do it a couple more times to completely eliminate the odor. The cleaner smelled good and our vacuum works well, we have two.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

The vacuum on the left has a stronger hand power suction, (probably because the bottom doesn’t work anymore.) The one on the left works okay. We bought that vacuum brand new and it doesn’t work as well as we thought it would. Even though it’s specific for pets, the pet hair clogs very easily. My husband had to take a look inside of the hand piece because it was no longer suctioning. I was getting ready to send it back to the store but he refused and fixed it for me.


I couldn’t help but to think, “Maybe a Dyson vacuum would work better.” The commercials really sold me at least. I just wanted a vacuum that would suction most of the dog hair without trying so hard. We still have the two vacuums and our carpet is pretty clean.



We asked Roy’s owner if they knew he tinkled and they said, “Yes. Normal.” We felt it wasn’t our place to tell an owner how to care for their pets so we took care of the problem while he stayed with us.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

We grew tired of slipping on and mopping Roy’s pee so we decided to make a purchase. We went to our local Pet Food Express and ask the front cashier where their diapers were. I thought we were going to buy the disposable diapers so we could throw it away after each use but after taking a quick look, we decided to go with the reusable diaper.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

The diaper worked great and caught all of his pee. No more urine smell! Well, kind of. Roy smelled like urine a little so where ever he went, the smell followed. That didn’t deter us from giving him unlimited love. We loved having Roy around and a little pee wasn’t going to get in our way.


In the picture below, you can see Roy showing off his new accessory. He didn’t seem to mind it at all and we didn’t mind changing the disposable pee pad we would add in there to avoid having to constantly wash the diaper. We did still wash the diaper to ensure all remnants of pee were gone.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


You can make a considerable amount of savings from buying disposable human diapers. However, in order to make your dog comfortable, cut a hole where the tail will be. Some dog owners have even mentioned human diapers fit their dog better. The only difference with the human diapers is that they should be put on backwards. Meaning, the side straps should be on the back of your pet and not on the stomach area.


Here’s a detailed description on how to put one on:


  1. Put the back of the diaper with the tabs under your dog’s belly
  2. Pass the front of the diaper between your dog’s back legs and up over his back, passing the tail through the hole you made
  3. Then bring up the tabs from underneath and fasten over the dog’s back. You can secure it with tape if you feel it won’t stay attached.
  4. Make sure you can fit two to three fingers comfortably under the waistband around your dog’s belly. You want to ensure it stays on but doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable.


Give it a try and let us know how it works!


Avoid Diaper Rash and Discomfort
Just like babies, your dog’s skin can become red, irritated and sore from contact with urine-soaked diapers. Make sure that the lining of the diaper is soft and absorbent and not too tight to avoid chafing of the skin. Change the diaper every time you notice the dog is going potty and avoid leaving them to soak in it. If urine somehow gets in contact with your pet, disposable grooming wipes work great! We like to use the hypo allergenic wipes just in case a dog is allergic to something we’re unsure of.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang




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  1. Beth

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      No problem Beth! Thanks for reading.

  2. John F

    We’ve tried the diapers. Definitely better than pee on your carpet.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      I completely agree! Thanks John.

  3. Brian

    Thanks. Nice advice.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Thanks Brian!

  4. Tara P

    You gotta be ready for those tinklers!!

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      That you do! Thanks Tara.

  5. Bobby

    I can’t stand a pee smell carpet. Thanks for this!

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Neither can I. And after following the steps above, our place no longer smells like pee. Yay! Thanks for reading Bobby.

  6. Travis

    The diapers work very well. Just a little annoying to clean.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      They can be a little tough to get all of the smell out. We like to line the diaper with a pee pad to avoid the diaper taking all of the smell in. Thanks for reading Travis!

  7. Spencer

    The pee stink is hard to get out. Definitely use those air fresheners. It helps.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Yes! The air fresheners are the main reason our front door entrance no longer smells. =]

  8. Gail S.

    Great idea 👍🏻

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