It’s Not Just About Picking Up Poop – Open Your Eyes

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Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Walk Through YOUR neighborhood

Take a walk with your dog through your own neighborhood and get to know your neighbors a little more, some of them can be pretty cool. The picture above was taken during one of our walks with our clients this past week. The colors and statues in their side garden are an amazing site, I had to capture it. Something so simple as a walk and you get to enjoy the art and creativity that your neighbors have displayed. The gold, blue, pink and green colors keep your mind looking around. On these walks, you might notice at least two to three houses that stick out. These houses aren’t your typical green lawn, white or brown fence, and pretty flowers in the front. NO! They’re much more than that. They give you something to think about.



Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

How many of your neighbors have wind chimes?

Something so small and yet so beautiful! Wind chimes can be a great site to see, especially if there’s so many like these. The different colors and patterns can keep you looking for a while until you notice you’re standing on someone’s front yard and see someone looking out at you. (Giggles) I’m pretty sure the owners of some of these houses understand why people randomly stop on the front of their home. They’ve created art with their homes and it’s okay to appreciate the art displayed.


I know I’ve caught myself walking a client and then standing in front of someone’s home just appreciating what they have displayed in front of the world. Some people might think it’s weird and crazy to display such odd objects in front of their home, but it’s not weird! At least not to the people who appreciate the small things in life, like myself and my husband. I was on the walk alone with two clients during this walk and I know if my husband were there with me, we would’ve been talking for a long time about that one house alone.



Do you like looking at old school cars? I know I do. I don’t know much about them, or even anything at all, but I can appreciate a nice paint job and sick interior. Guys, don’t like looking at wind chimes and statues? Keep your mind open during your dog walk and see what kind of cars your neighbors have. Some of your neighbors will surprise you and bust out an oldie like the one pictured below.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


Your neighbors can have some unusual things hanging out in their front yard. Their car for example is no exception. The picture below is a truck that I saw when I was a walk with a different client. This person’s’ truck is something I’ve NEVER seen before. He created art with his truck! How cool is that? I stood there in front of his truck thinking, what made them want to do this? How did they decide, “Hey, let’s create a mural on our truck and put figurines on it”?


That’s the truck below. Pretty cool right?

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Look at all of the colors and broken glass used to create this moving art. Not everyone has the courage and boldness to do this to their car and this person did it. These are the thoughts that go on through my head while I am out walking a dog and I love it because it’s like reading a book without words.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Check out the shark! Not sure what he’s about to eat but it looks awesome.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


This small stop during our walks makes our days. We love that this stop is on the way back home from our neighborhood walks. A couple of cool things about it; it has a little library that shares books with anyone in the community, it has a bench to rest on, and best of all, it has a water bowl for the dogs! My husband had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this beautiful house he said, “Oh, you didn’t find a kids book in there? I just put a couple in.” My husband laughed and told him we already took one a while ago. Very sweet man and even sweeter for thinking of others.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang



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  1. Connor

    Very interesting neighbors you have. They seem artistic.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Yes, there are some very artistic people out there=]

  2. Annie K

    Those are cool cars!!

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Aren’t they!

  3. Christine T

    It sounds like you go on some interesting walks. Some of my neighbors are out there!! HAHA

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      That’s so awesome! The walks I go on are very interesting. And some of the craziest ones I didn’t get a chance to capture. Next time!

      • Christine

        Please do get some good footage! You’re writing makes sense to me so thanks!

  4. Mike S

    That car is ridiculous. Some people are out there but Im not judging.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      There are some people who are more open to share who they are more than others. Thanks for reading!

  5. Shelly

    Yess! So True>

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Thanks Shelly!

    • Becca James

      My little one is freaking out from the fireworks… so you get crazy from the loud bangs?

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