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Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Live On And Adopt! Open Your Heart!

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


I’m going to tell the story of when I met Shamrock Powers. His story brings love, hope, and energy to this world and I hope by sharing his story, others will want to begin their own stories with a new pet in their home. That’s Shamrock in the picture above. That was the first day we met and our first of many walks together.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


The owner of the license plate above is a kind, loving, and caring man. His name, Ian. I met Ian during a meet and greet and how it went was memorable. I was on my way to his house and I always think, “How is this dog going to be?” There are so many dogs in this world and we are blessed to meet, walk, and board a small chunk of them. As I was walking towards the front door, I could hear heavy breathing and then I hear Ian’s voice welcoming me in. He opened the door and let Shamrock pounce on me. That was the first test. I knew he wanted to see how I would handle a big dog like Shamrock. Good thing I love dogs and didn’t mind all of the love Shamrock was giving to me.


I proceeded to walk into the house and Shamrock continued to show me love. I sat down and Shamrock brought me one of his toys. He didn’t want me to touch it, he just wanted to show me. I could tell he was happy so far with how I was handling a hyper dog like Shamrock. Not many people can handle a dog pawing at you strongly and pushing you while showing you affection. Ian and I started to talk and he told me what exactly he was looking for. He wanted to find Shamrock a consistent dog walker and I was up for the challenge.


He then finished telling me more about Shamrock and mentioned that he adopted him from the shelter. I then realized, that’s why he’s so protective of him. Shamrock was enclosed in a small section in a shelter and Ian wanted to make sure Shamrock lived a completely different life than before.



Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Ian was very precise in what he was looking for in his dog walker. He was looking for someone to love Shamrock as much as he does. I wasn’t Shamrock’s first walker. He told me what happened with his last dog walker and I thought it was crazy and hilarious. The last dog walker wanted to change who Shamrock was. Ian didn’t like that. She told Ian that Shamrock had behavioral issues and she was going to help train him. Ian told me he laughed when she said that and he said, “No. No you’re not going to train him.” She was then fired.


He loves who Shamrock is and doesn’t want anyone to “correct” him. I found that amazing and I was happy to hear him stick up for Shamrock. After that, Ian said, “ If Shamrock isn’t doing well and you feel you need to teach him something, bring him home first and then we can discuss it.” PERFECT! I was more than happy with that and glad to hear he would be open to the idea, if handled properly. Dog lovers love their pets, flaws and all, and Ian wasn’t going to let anyone change the dog he chose.



Shamrock is so loved, he has a closet of treats. Not just a bucket or a small box of treats, but a closet. Ian walked me over to the closet to show me and I was in awe. There was about ten different treats in there. Spoiled? I think so, and Ian wanted to make sure of it. I couldn’t believe how much love he had for this dog. It was beautiful. He wants to make sure Shamrock lives a great life and what’s a dog’s life without treats?



Ian wanted us to take Shamrock on a test walk and told me he wanted us to avoid walking off-leash around neighborhoods. He mentioned his last dog unfortunately passed away from a car accident. I told him we NEVER let dogs go off-leash around cars exactly for that reason. We want to ensure the safety of our dogs and bring them back home safely to their families.


Ian showed me where his leash was and put it on Shamrock. He wanted to know if we crated dogs in the car and we told him we didn’t. We only cage off a huge portion of the van so they can roam comfortably. He was happy to hear that and off we went.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


Two months later, we are still walking him twice a week and he is currently boarding with us until July 12th.


Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

We just came back from Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline and it was so much fun. Shamrock needs these kind of walks and this place is a great to unleash all the energy he has.

Shamrock is the best at finding balls during his walks and tearing them up in seconds. He found two balls today. The picture below is from a past walk.




Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Here are couple of reasons an adopted pet might be a better choice:

Shamrock is an adopted pet. Being adopted can difficult for some and with the right love and care, they can be a great addition to you and your family.


  • You don’t have to waste time training, some are already fully trained.
  • Adopting a pet is cheaper than buying from a kennel
  • A mixed breed lives longer. More for your money.

Ian proudly wears this sticker on his car and so can you.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


Adopt Don’t Shop! There is so much love needed!

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Event - Global Adoptathon

Global Pet Adoptathon 2017







Come to the world’s largest Pet Adoption event! In addition to hundreds of adoptable pets, there will be plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy.  Featured will be special performances by Purina’s Incredible Dog Team, fun vendors, delicious food trucks, and a Family Corner with fun activities for kids.


Adoption fees are waived for the first 100 approved adopters on Saturday and for the first 50 adopters starting on Sunday at 12AM.




Heartwarming Story

via Michelle Shockley

This Dog Finds A New Home After Tornado Destroys Her Home And Kills Owner



via GMA– “A wounded dog found in her dead owner’s arms after the fatal tornado that ripped through Van, Texas, two weeks ago has found a new home. The dog, a Great Pyrenees believed to be about 8 years old, has been renamed Emma by her new owner, a volunteer who helped an animal shelter that was collecting abandoned and wounded animals after the tornado.”


TW–  I’m sorry that you lost your home and family Emma. I am sure that you will miss your old mama, but I am happy to see that you are recovering nicely after being bruised and battered from that horrific tornado. Don’t worry though because you have a new owner and her name is Michelle Shockley and she will take great care of you.

It’s nice to see some real humanity every once in awhile to remind us that people really do care about the life of an animal. Can we get an applause for Michelle on her awesome deed!



Photos Courtesy of  Michelle “Awesome” Shockley

Remember that you can lend a helping hand by visiting this website and adopting a pet in need!


Adopt A Puppy


Drink A Beer And Adopt A Puppy

NYDailyNews–  SingleCut Beersmiths will debut its non-alcoholic brew for bowwows at a “Pups & Pints” fund-raiser on June 15. Seven Labrador puppies will be up for adoption, along with a handful of Chihuahuas and Coonhounds.

The “Pups & Pints” fund-raiser will introduce the Astoria brewer’s newly crafted nut brown ale for consumption by humans, and a small quantity of non-alcoholic beer, crafted specially for canines. The dog-friendly beverage, brewed with malted barley and vegetables, is made without hops or yeast. The fee for the dogs will be $475. The drinks cost $5. All proceeds will benefit Friends with Four Paws, which produces mobile adoptions to find homes for rescued dogs and cats.


The event takes place from 1-5 p.m. June 15 at SingleCut Beersmiths, 19-33 37th St. in Astoria.


This is such a cool idea with a great cause. These people are geniuses for combining two wonderful things in life. The love of a wonderful puppy and a nice cold beer. Sometimes when I come home from work and its been a long stressful day, I can’t help but to smile when I see Teddy Walter wagging his tail when I open the door. My little buddy is right there next to me wherever I go. Eventually I  crack open a beer and sit down to enjoy the crisp taste of a cold refreshing beer all while Teddy is right there with me. I need to get Teddy some of this non-alcoholic beer for canines that has been brewed by SingleCut Beersmiths so he can enjoy a nice beverage  with his dad.

There is nothing like enjoying a nice cold one with your best friend, so if you like dogs and beer then you should check out this event and give your dog the chance to enjoy a beer with you. It supports a great cause and will give rescued puppies the chance to find a new loving home . Adopt a dog! It is good for the soul!


P.S. This is still one of the greatest commercials of all time!