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Blind Dogs Need Love Too

Photo by: Adalie Keobounheuang

Watch Out For The Blind Dog!

Photo by: Adalie Keobounheuang

Is a BLIND DOG a BAD DOG to own?

Absolutely not! A blind dog is not a bad choice. Why? They have other senses! They can still touch, feel, hear and smell.

How We Know

My husband and I cared for one named Morey. Morey was very smart in our eyes. By looking at him, you can tell in his eyes that he is in fact a blind dog. But, he is so much more than that.

Photo by: Adalie Keobounheuang (Morey is on the far right)

Touch, Feel, Smell, and Hear

Morey didn’t have the luxury of sight any longer but he did have his other four senses. He still managed to get around just fine by touching the floor in front of him the entire way until he reached his destination. He would use his sense of smell by sniffing around and checking to see if a certain place was familiar to him. For example, we felt Morey figured out how to use the doggie door that leads to our backyard by sniffing around it. He smelled the outdoors through the cracks of the doggie door and figured out that if he pushed the door with his nose, it would lead him to the outside. SMART DOG! We believe that his sense of hearing was also heightened. Any small little noise made his ears move. He was alert all of the time and didn’t need to see to be a happy dog.

A Dog and Nothing Less.

A blind dog is nothing less than a dog who can’t see. They can still give you all of the cuddles you need at night. They play fetch by smelling the ball before the toss and hearing it drop. They can still go on walks around the neighborhood and on trails off-leash. Remember, they can still hear you and smell if you’re near. Their recall skills are not as affected as you might think. Don’t be afraid to give a “Blind” dog a chance. They’re just as good, maybe even better to some if you enjoy a wonderful challenge.

Photo by: Adalie Keobounheuang