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Photo by: Illumination Entertainment

At The Movies: Dogs Who Made The Cut

Photo by: Illumination Entertainment

Here’s a List of 10 Awesome Dog Movies

My little one loves to watch movies with dogs in them every day if he could. Thanks to him, I get to write about them and tell everyone else about these cool choices.


1.) Turner and Hooch

This one is a good one for both adults and kids. It starts off a bit rough but then it turns into an amazing love connection between man and dog. I promise you’ll end up falling in love with Hooch and who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?

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Another great actor, Cuba Gooding Jr. This is a great movie for kids and adults. It’s a happy story of son who’s on a search for his father. He gets to help seven dogs but not so easily. Check out this movie if you want to get a good laugh.

Photo by: Disney

3.) Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1, 2, & 3!

If you want to watch a movie where the dogs are talking from beginning to end, this is a perfect movie! This is my son’s favorite movie of all time. The music, dogs, and story line go together so well and makes for a great movie to show kids.

Photo by: Disney

4.) The Secret Life of Pets

Here’s an animated movie of a combination of pets, mainly focused on dogs, but others pets are featured. This movie shows you what your pet may be doing at home while you’re away. Who knows? Maybe some of this stuff can actually happen. Hehe.

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5.) Bolt

This funny animation is about a dog who is an actor and doesn’t realize the cameras stopped rolling a long time ago. Bolt shows the true love a dog can feel for their owners as he fights to be with his.

Photo by: Disney

6.) Homeward Bound

The title says it all. This group of pets leaves their home to find their family in San Francisco. The journey isn’t the most pleasant but the ending is.

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7.) 101 Dalmations (Both animated and non-animated)

Who doesn’t want to see 101 Dalmations be saved and live happily ever after in a castle of a home? This movie has its up and downs but not to worry, you’ll be on cloud nine by the time it’s over.

8.) Cats & Dogs

This funny movie of cats vs dogs is hilarious. The main cat really gives me the giggles. My little one loves this movie because there’s so much action going on.

Photo By: Warner Bros

9.) Eight Below

These dogs find themselves stranded in Antarctica during a horrific winter. The dogs soon learn they have to survive together and push through the snowy winds.

Photo By: Disney

10.) Air Bud

This classic movie shows that some dogs really are special. Air bud is a talented dog who falls in love with a young boy who loves him just as much.

Photo By: Disney