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Photo By: Karine Backer

The Adventures of Murphy!


My name is Murphy. I am a complete mutt. My momma calls me a Persian Llama Herder. I’m fairly certain I am greyhound, retriever and hound-whatever I am, I get lots of oohs and aahs. I have a furry brother, Camden, and furry sister, Matilda. We are paw-some. I spend most of my days trying to get pet…a lot. I can be whiny and needy, but I am so soft and cute I get away with it. My momma works from home so I am spoiled and get lots of walks. Sometimes she comes home smelling like other dogs (I think she visits other dogs all day long and gives them love too.) I don’t think about much, except for a making friends with other furry animals.


I think squirrels might be my favorite. Squirrels are everywhere. Front door, back door, on top of the porch, behind my fence…and I just can’t seem to get them. Every time I run to the fence, they run away. I just don’t understand. I am trying to tell them that I want to be friends, but they must not understand my howling. I’ve tried various approaches: the stealth approach, the bring my sister Matilda approach, and even the aloof “oh you’re in the yard” approach. But I cannot seem to make any progress. They scramble and jump up high on trees. If only momma would make me a cape! The best place to chase them is at the park. I can run and run and there are so many trees and so many of them.


I feel the same way about deer too. They smell so good. I’ve been known to make momma very angry and run over 8 miles to make friends with a couple of deer. I even got Matilda to come with me, but she bailed about ½ mile in. I was tired after that run. Took me almost a week to recuperate.


But the animal I most want to get to know is the cat. It just sits and sits and stares at me. It could care less that I am screaming my friendship to him at the top of my lungs. Not to mention, those cats can just sit outside without a leash, bask in the sun, right in front of me. Constantly taunting me. I had one encounter once. I was so excited I kept talking to it, but it must have been in a bad mood. It whipped me across the nose and it stung. That doesn’t deter me. I still want to make friends with cats.


One day I will succeed. I will make friends with my furry neighbors. Until then, momma will just give me the love and attention I need.