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Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Fur Babies and Kids: How To Make It Work

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Combining Two Worlds For The Perfect One.


What are “Fur Babies?”

Fur babies are dogs who are like a child to the owner. They’re like having a child except you don’t hear them talk. Well, Dogs do talk when they bark but its not quite the same as humans. Anyway, some owners spoil their dog as much as they would a child. Endless treats, spa treatments, grooming, taking them to school, they get socialized and more. There really is no limit to how far some owners or parents, might go for their fur baby.


Getting Your Little One Involved.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

In the picture above you’ll see my little one, Massimo, or as we like to call him, Chimi. Chimi loves our dog walking business. Because he grew up with Bubbaz, our English Bulldog, he’s learned that most dogs can be pretty cool. On our walks, we love to get him involved. In the picture you can see that he is holding the retractable leash. We feel it gives him a sense of responsibility knowing that he has to make sure to never let go on the leash. He does a great job most of the time and when he gets tired of holding it, he lets us know.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

A couple of other great ways to help them get more involved are by helping during feeding times by measuring the amount of food going in or by putting the food bowl down. Let your little one pick up some poop to teach them ALL that comes with a furry friend. Filling the water bowl is a great way to show your little one that water is important to everyone and everything living. Try some of these suggestions and see the smile and gratification on their face.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


Kids and dogs can be a great combination if handled properly. Forcing your fur baby to socialize and be petted by children may not be the best idea, especially when you know your dog has clearly shown you he doesn’t like children. One main reason dogs do not like children is because of their energy levels. They can get hyper, overexcited and freak out at any moment. It’s best to notice the signs of aggression before things get out of hand. Some kids love dogs so much, they invade their space rather quickly. Kids who already have a dog have the most confidence. It’s also best to teach your kids that not all dogs are friendly. Some dogs come from different backgrounds and react differently during certain situations. A great way to ensure a dog is friendly is to kindly ask its’ owner. The owner should know the dog’s character best.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Karma the Bulldog.

Karma for example, is a dog who does not do so well around kids. His owner warned us ahead of time about that and we listened. We allowed Chimi to go around Karma to let Karma know he was there. We made sure to monitor any interaction to avoid injuries. His owners mentioned that when children are around, he likes to nudge them to the floor. His nudges were never vicious but they also couldn’t be easily ignored. When a dog shows this type of behavior, listen to your gut and be very cautious with the dog and your little one.

Warnings To Look Out For.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking your dog, who is showing these signs will never bite. That will only put you or someone else’s life at risk of being bitten or mauled. A couple of warning signs to look out for are:

  • Growling
  • Snipping
  • Snarling
  • Barking
  • Hair rising


What to do when a dog of yours is showing signs of aggression?

Try not to punish them. That can only anger them more and escalate the situation.


The next time your dog growls at you, try this out:

1) Stop. Whatever you’re doing! It’s not as important as saving your life.
Wait until you notice your dog is starting to relax, then slowly move away. This will show your dog you’re rewarding the relaxed behavior and not the growling.


2) Carefully analyze the behavior.

Why did he growl in the first place? Was it something he didn’t like? Is he being restrained? Is he hurting? Does he feel restrained?


3) What stressors does your dog have? Lower or eliminate if possible.

For example, if your dog does not like kids, avoid taking your dog to the park. If your dog doesn’t like to be touched on the head, inform newcomers of this. Don’t force your dog into any situation they don’t feel comfortable in. That is only setting your dog up for failure.

Keep in mind that stress can cause a dog to become aggressive and a bunch load of stressors can cause a dog to snap.

4) If all fails, look into a behavior modification treatment center.

Behavior modification is the approach to changing a dog’s behavior. Unlike dog obedience training that trains a dog to perform a specific action when told to do so. Behavior modification looks to help change a dog’s reaction to a situation, a person, a thing, or animal. Below are some facilities located near me, Oakland, CA.