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A New Mommy and Her Beary Good Puppy!

I’m a new mommy! A puppy mommy that is. My name is Melissa, I am twenty-two years old and I am a first time dog owner with a brand new baby boy on my hands. His name is Bear. He is a mix breed of Golden Retriever, Black Lab, and Border Collie, but looks 100% like a pure golden. I adopted him from a farm in Pennsylvania where a family’s dog got pregnant from the neighboring farms dog. Sounds made up but it is true! Bear came from a litter of 9 other puppies but when I laid my eyes on him I knew he was mine.


A little background on me. I once had a dog before. Her name was Casey and she was my family’s dog when I was little. My parents adopted her after they got married. She was a mix of Black Lab and Husky. By the time I was born, Casey was four years old. Luckily she lived a full and long life, living to be just about 15 years old. I was 10 when she passed. I loved Casey very much, but she never really felt like my dog, since she was really my parent’s dog. When I was about 18 years old, I started wanting a dog. I am not entirely sure where that sudden desire to have a dog came from but it came, and it came on strong. All four years of college I was constantly sending pictures to my mom of puppies online and always saying how much I wanted one. When I graduated college last May, I was dead set on getting a puppy for myself. But my parents were not entirely on board with me bringing a puppy into their house while I still lived there and then taking it away when I eventually move out. They also knew how much work it would be and didn’t think I was ready for that kind of sacrifice and responsibility being a pet owner comes with.

So fast forward to today, after years of pestering and sending adorable puppy pictures, I have my mom on board with me getting my own puppy. Dad is still pretty skeptical about the entire thing. And one day I find this little guy on this website. I show my mom and she falls in love instantly. I have her permission and then I speak with my dad. He says that I can do what I want but when I move out he comes with me. And since that was not a no, I called the family and asked when I could come pick him up. I was really doing it! I was going to have my very own puppy and I could not have been more excited; nervous but very excited. The family said I could pick him up that weekend. So me and my mom went into turbo drive, preparing for the arrival of my new baby. After endless advice from the employees at my local Petsmart who were so helpful and speed reading of The Art of Raising a Puppy , I felt pretty confident in adopting my puppy.

Now, I love my Bear. He is adorable and sweet and amazing. BUT… I was not ready for what comes with having an 8 week old puppy. I had never been around puppies, only dogs. So I was unprepared for what happens when you have a puppy in your house. I can admit that. I was pretty naïve in what to expect. I thought he was just going to play, snuggle and sleep. He does all of those things, but he is also a puppy, which means he does much much more.


He is teething very badly so he is biting everything. And when I say everything I mean absolutely everything; His toys (when we are lucky), the molding in the house, the table legs, the chairs, the carpet, the couch, our clothes, and most often us. He is biting anything he can get his mouth on. And when he’s not biting something, he is eating it. That is hands down the most frustrating part so far.

The constant biting is an annoyance. But I have to remember that he is only a puppy and he thinks he’s playing. He doesn’t realize he is hurting me. The hardest part for me is reminding myself that yelling at him when he does stuff like this, is useless. He does not understand yelling or respond to it. If anything it riles him up more. We have been trying many techniques to get him to stop, and it gets a little better every day. The most effective one is whenever he starts acting psycho and only biting we give him a 30 second timeout in this sort of playpen/puppy prison. When he goes in there and then comes out he is usually a tad calmer.


He truly is a great dog and a total mush. I love him so much, even when he is driving me crazy. Everyday I see him growing and learning new things. We almost have “Sit” down and I feel like the proudest Mommy in the world every time his little butt sits down in front of me after I say, “sit”. I cannot wait for what comes with having a wonderful loving dog and am very excited for our life together.