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Summertime Fun

Doggy Pool Party Heaven


TW- If I was a dog then this would be the place to be! Just hanging out by the pool trying to do my best cannonball to impress the other dogs. Life should always be this simple and enjoyable!



Summertime Fun

The Dog Days Of Summer

The Hot Hazy Days Are Meant For One Thing Only





TW- There has been a little heat wave going on in NY and those hot summer days leave us all sweaty and restless. I know that I can’t walk 100 feet without starting to sweat. Eww! Gross! Meanwhile, it seems that this pup had enough of the heat and she can’t wait any longer for her owner to cool her off. She grabs a hose to fill up a kiddie pool but unfortunately she hasn’t quite figured out the rest. She gets props for having the right idea either way.

Maybe she should take tips from this dog who is straight lounging with his Teddy Bear!