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Happy National Take Your Dog To Work Day!!



TW- Well.. Here we go. It’s that special day of the year when some lucky employees get to bring their furry friend to work and show them off to their coworkers. As much as policies in the workplace have evolved and  become  more lenient, there are still some offices that don’t allow you to bring your dog to work. We BOO those workplaces. I mean come on, why can’t we just have one day to bring our best friend to work to help put a smile on our faces while trying to get through the day doing monotonous, boring work. Of course I know for a fact that my dog would rather be in the comforts of home looking at squirrels and deer out the window, but he can handle a day learning about what papa does at work. HAHA. I’m sure he will be completely bored.


I look forward to getting some attention from other employees who I may not normally converse with. This is my chance to easily vault  up the social ladder amongst co-workers if I can just get my dog to do one cool trick. It gives people an opportunity to see another side of me because of the special bond I have with my dog. Of course you have to worry about the people who have allergies to dogs. I say that they can work from home today. Please don’t ruin the one day of the year that I can show off and be the cool guy in the office.  


I promise to do my best not to have my little buddy poop or pee on your office furniture. Cmonnn! It is Friday. The weekend is almost here.  Just let it slide.