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Yes! This Is Proof That Not All Bulldogs Are Lazy

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Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


Bulldogs were originally used to drive cattle and to compete in a gory sport called bull baiting. Today, they’re gentle companions who are great with kids and enjoy the occasional walk around the block. This breed is filled with tough, strong-minded characters. Some may call them stubborn.



Bulldogs are prone to joint problems. Providing your pup with too much exercise can quickly lead to lifelong bodily disorders. Exercise is just as important for English Bulldogs as it is to us. It keeps them fit and healthy. Also just like us, regular exercise helps maintain and lose weight. Consistent walks will also help build and maintain muscle. Get your pup out there for exercise too!





If you’re looking for a bulldog who doesn’t need much exercise and wants to spend his or her day snoring, look elsewhere. My english bulldog is like no other. From pup to an old man, he’s always had a spunky, energetic personality. Exercise? YES! Bubbaz LOVES to hike. His favorite place, Oyster Bay Park in San Leandro, California. This dog friendly park welcomes the public to let their dogs go off leash. Now, the entire park is not off-leash, but not to worry, there are signs posted when to leash.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

The trail pictured above is a pretty long and steep hill. This is one of Bubbaz’s favorite trails. As he’s aged, the trail walks have become shorter and shorter, and that’s okay! Bubbaz is turning 12 this year and we’re so happy to have had him this long. He’s enjoyed many off-leash walks and countless playdates now with our business picking up. We think Nature’s Dog Walkers is one of the best things that’s happened to him. Not only does he get to go on a hike or walk everyday, he gets to enjoy them with a group of friends now. Endless socializing for this big guy.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


I’ve mentioned Rocky in a previous post and why? She is one of the spunkiest bulldogs I’ve met! This girl is so full of fun and energy, you just can’t help but to smile when you’re around her. Her tail and butt wagging while she’s still running is hilarious. Definitely a site to see. Yes, she does enjoy to take the occasional nap, snores, makes funny sounds, and has the signature underbite of a bulldog but the energy level is off the charts.

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang

This young girl enjoys to go on runs with her sister Macy and play all day long with her favorite pal, Cameron. (Picture above: Macy, Cameron, and Rocky) Did you think bulldogs could jump, at all? I didn’t. Rocky loves to show off her tricks by jumping high off the floor. Hang something over her head high enough to get a jump out her and she’ll do it.

(Picture below: Rocky and her dad Franklin playing at their local park.)

Photo By: Adalie Keobounheuang


  • Most Bulldogs are very stubborn and hard to train. Show them treats and this is a great start. YUM!
  • Occasional aggression towards other dogs –  Some male bulldogs may act aggressive towards other male dogs.
  • Bulldogs shed a great amount. Just because they don’t have long hair doesn’t mean it doesn’t get EVERYWHERE. Rugs, couches, and clothes, can be filled with fur if not maintained.
  • Bulldog sounds. Because of the short face, they snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. The sounds can worry some owners but can be cute little noises to others.
  • Some drool more than others and some not at all.
  • RUN FOR COVER! These little guys can really make a room go silent.
  • High cost. Because most English Bulldogs can’t mate without assistance and need C-sections due to the size of a bulldog’s head, their cost is rather high. They can range from $1000-$3000. Due to their health problems, vet visits will run up your credit card in no time.
  • Serious health problems. Hip problems, heart problems, and skin problems are only some of issues they can run into. Their compromised respiratory system makes it very risky to provide them with anesthesia during surgeries for example. In the summer, remember they need to be in a cool room to avoid overheating.



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  1. Paul B

    Bulldogs can stay healthy with a fitness like lifestyle.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Yes they can! =]

  2. Carly S

    My bulldog loves to hike also.

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      That’s great! More bullies on the trails.

  3. Scott P

    My old dog Baxter had joint problems and snored loudly. I really miss him!! 🙁

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Ahh, the snores, music to my ears. hehe.

  4. Emily C

    What kinds of exercises are best for my dog Willy to do without over exerting himself?

    • Adalie Keobounheuang

      Playing with a ball is great way to get them to move around if they likes pushing it around with their nose. Fetch is also a great way to get something out of them. Our favorite choice, dog parks. This way, they’re not forced to continue going if they don’t want to. =]

  5. Sammy

    Hi ! Emily I would say low impact exercising as bulldog can overexert themselves quickly. I use to have a bullmastiff, although they are a much bigger breed they still had the same traits breathing issues, joint problems, and can quickly become exhausted by heat! I used to play with my pup for 20-30 mins at a time whether it was tug-a-war, fetching toys and short distance brisk walking, sometimes he could only handle 15 mins. I wish they could swim ! Best of luck! 😊

    • Great info Sammy!!

      • Adalie Keobounheuang

        Yes! Great info!

    • Emily C

      Thanks for your advice Sammy!! I’ll make sure Willy doesn’t get to crazy. I wish he could swim too!!

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